FOI Request - Feedback From Consultation

Request 101000128063

Could I request the feedback that the Council has used to make the decisions as
cutbacks as referred to the the press release on the Moray Council website as
Councillor Wright said the budget decisions reflected to a great extent feedback
from the public during a three-month period of consultation which he described as
“hugely worthwhile”.
“It has undoubtedly achieved a real understanding by the public of the financial
challenge we face,” he said.
“And it has provided some pretty clear guidance on where the axe might fall and
where it should be spared. Throughout the exercise, we gave a solemn
undertaking that the views we garnered would be reflected in our budget decisions
– and they have been.”

Response 22-03-2013

The responses from all the platforms used have been available on the council's website for some weeks now. Either follow the link from the front page or the one below.

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