FOI Request - Server Hardware Maintenance

Request 101000127217

I would like to submit a Freedom of Information Request relating to specific  ICT contract(s) for Server Hardware Maintenance and Server Virtualisation which may include:
•         Server Hardware Maintenance
•         Server Licensing (Software)
•         Server Storage
•         Microsoft Support
•         SAN Maintenance

For each supplier that relates to the example contracts above please can you split the Hardware/Software Brand, Operating System, Number of Users, Total number Physical Servers, Total number of virtual servers for each contract. This information provides me what is entails in the contracts more specifically.

For each of the types of ICT contract above can you please send me the following data types:

1. Contract Title:
2. Existing/Current Supplier:
3. Hardware/software Brand(s): VMware, HP, Dell etc
4. Number of Users: Number users within the organisation
5. Operating System (Platform) : (Windows, Linux, Unix etc.)
6. Total number of Servers (Physical) (per supplier):
7. Total number of Virtual Servers:
8. Total Contract Value: (For the whole duration of the contract, if the total value sent is per annum please state this in the response)
9. Duration: (Please can you also include notes if the contract includes any contract extension periods.)
10. Contract Expiry Date:
11. Contract Review Date: (An approximate date of when the organisation is planning to review this particular contract.)
12. Brief Contract Description:
13. Internal Contact: (The person from within the organisation that is responsible for reviewing and renewing this particular contract. Please include there full name, job title, direct contact number and direct email address.)

Response 14-03-2013

1Contract TitleOracle premier support for systems
2Existing/Current SupplierSCC
3Hardware Brand(s)Oracle
4Number of users500+
5Operating System (Platform)Solaris 10
6Total number of servers (per supplier)4
7Number of Virtual Servers20
8Total Contract Value£9,986 per annum
9Duration5 Years
10Contract Expiry Date7 May 2017
11Contract Review Date2016
12Brief Contract DescriptionOracle premium support for systems (24x7 with 4 hour response)
13Internal Contact

ICT Applications Manager



The above table contains the information in relation to our main server hardware maintenance contract. 

In addition to the above the Council operates around 175 Windows servers (mainly Dell) across its corporate and education networks.  There is no maintenance contract on these servers as support and maintenance is included as part of the purchase price.  The total number of users is just under 15,000; 1,700 corporate users, approximately 1,000 teachers and 12,000 pupils.  There are a variety of server operating systems in use; NT4, 2000, 2003, 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2.

The Council also has 4 IBM servers running VMware software; the current operating environment is ESXi 4.1.  To date 110 servers have been created in the virtualised environment.

The contact for the Windows server environment is the ICT Infrastructure Manager. 

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