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Request 101000126651

1. Please supply the names of the current Safeguarders on your list. If there is an issue about revealing names please supply the number of males and females on the current list;

2. Please indicate how many of the individuals have had a safeguarding appointment in each of the past 5 years;

3. Please indicate the total payment of fees and, separately, expenses paid to safeguarders in each of the past 5 years;

4. Please indicate the fees and, separately, expenses paid to each Safeguarder in each of the past 5 years;

5. Please indicate how many of the Safeguarders have a specific qualification in interviewing children;

6. Please indicate how many Safeguarders have been removed from the list on grounds of unsatisfactory performance or for any disciplinary reason.

Response 13-03-2013

(1)  There are five Safe guarders in Moray. Three of those Safe guarders are women and two are male. At present Mrs Sandra Bruce, Mr Donald Lunan and Mrs Sheila Davidson are Safe guarders. I can disclose this information as it is already in the public domain. The other 2 safe guarders are relatively new. As no report has gone to committee and been published we cannot release the other two names.

(2)  Prior to October 2012 safe guarder appointments were managed by the Children’s hearing. Since the Council took over managing the appointments, I can confirm that there have been 4 safe guarder appointments between October 2012 and March 2013. You may be able to get the additional information you seek from the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration. Contact details can be found at the following link:

(3)  Finance have supplied the following information in relation to safe guarder fees over the past three years. THREE YEARS ONLY READILY AVAILABLE:

  2009/10 EXPENSES £2,356, FEES £4,384

  2010/11 EXPENSES £4.132, FEES £3,670

  2011/12 EXPENSES £917, FEES £3,529

   The following Committee report also contains information on the Safeguarders fees which may be of use:

(4)  I cannot supply money paid to individuals as that is personal information and to disclose it would be a breach of data protection.

(5)  I cannot disclose personal information on individuals qualifications however according to guidance notes from the Scottish Safe guarders Association no specific qualifications are laid down, but in practice most Safe guarders either have a legal or social work background, with a growing number having served as panel members. The Scottish Safe guarders Association advises that local authorities should not rule out individuals who are not from these backgrounds as some will have relevant skills gained from other professions that are relevant to the work of a safe guarder. Before a safe guarder is appointed a (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) PVG check is undertaken. PVG has replaced the Disclosure Scotland Check. This information can be found at the following link

(6)  Of the records we hold there is no evidence of a safe guarder being removed from the list for unsatisfactory performance or disciplinary reasons.

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