FOI Request - Equality & Diversity Impact Assessment

Request 101000126610

My request is that you provide me with a copy of the Equality & Diversity Impact Assessment undertaken by the Council and considered by elected members as part of the budget setting process.

Response 19-02-2013

The council's budget was accepted at special full council meeting on 13 February 2013 subject to equality impact assessments being carried out.

Proposals earmarked for such assessments are listed in appendix 3 of 2013/14 revenue budget report (item 3) of that meeting.

A full report on the impacts is expected to be published by mid March to be considered by full council on 27 March.

This request is therefore exempt under Section 27 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; information intended for future publication.

Response 30-04-2013

Information can be found here.

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