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  1. What procedures have been put in place to allow for the review of the continuing provision of each street parking place in respect of which orders have been made?
  2. What discussions have taken place with the owners of private car parks in your area?
  3. Do you have adequate resources to carry out your duties, under the Act? If not, have you requested additional resources from the Scottish Government and have these been forthcoming?
  4. What efforts have been made to make the annual reports, prepared under section 11of the Act, available to members of the public and interested parties?
  5. What additional activities have you undertaken to promote the proper use of parking places for disabled persons’ vehicles?

Response 05-03-2013

1) As part of the Disabled Persons' Parking Places(Scotland)Act 2010 a survey was undertaken to determine the status of all on street parking places and whether they were still required. Any spaces that were disused were removed. We are currently working through the Traffic Order process to make all existing and new spaces legally enforceable. We have committed to update the traffic order process on a bi-annual basis to reflect the introduction of new spaces and the removal of disused spaces.

2) As part of requirements placed upon the Council by the Disabled Persons' Parking Places(Scotland)Act 2010 the Traffic Team carried out a survey of all business premises within Moray to enquire what their disabled park provision was and if they required Moray Council to process a Traffic Regulation Order to make their Disabled Parking Spaces legally enforceable. The number of responses was low and no request was made to process a Traffic Regulation Order. This process will be repeated during Spring 2013.

3) Whilst the processing of the Traffic Order for over 250 Disabled Parking Places throughout Moray has proved to be a challenge for our current resourcing levels, the regular bi-annual updates will be easier to manage within our current workloads. The requirement to survey all local businesses premises for requirements for disabled parking spaces has proven to be a large piece of work considering the responses are so low. Additional resources have not been requested from the Scottish Government.

4) The Annual Reports required under section 11 of the Act are only produced for Transport Scotland. These are available for the public to examine on their website.

5) Information on the Moray Council Website and simple leaflets distributed by Grampian Police seek to inform and advise how the disabled parking spaces within Moray can be used.

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