FOI Request - Bus Lane Surveillance Cameras

Response 101000125579

1.I am hoping you can please tell me how many cameras you have and in which roads they are situated.

2.For each camera can you please tell me: a) when it was installed; and b) how many drivers have been captured on it in a bus lane when they should not have been.

3.Can you tell me for each camera how many fines have been sent out?

4.Can you tell me for each camera the amount levied in fines (presumably £60 multiplied by the number of people caught on camera).

5.How many individual drivers were sent fines for each camera?

6.How much has actually been collected for each camera in fines?

7.Finally, please can you tell me what the rules regarding bus lanes in the local authority are? What are the hours when drivers are banned from driving in these lanes and within which hours is this permitted?

Response 14-02-2013

The Moray Council do not have any bus lanes and therefore no bus lane surveillance cameras.

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