FOI Request - Postal Services

Request 101000125433

1. Your postal spend in 2011 and 2012 on the following - exact costs where possible or if unavailable please provide estimated costs –

- 1st class post including number of items

- 2nd class post including number of items

- Other postal spend

2. How do you process your mail? – stamps, franking, Postage Paid Impressions ( PPI ),  Down Stream Access ( DSA ) , DX or if any other service please specify 3. If DSA please indicate service provider and agreed current rates – e.g. OGC pricing or bespoke / machine readable letters and non-machine readable letters

4. If you use a Royal Mail discounted service such as Clean Mail or Business Mail advance, how much has been received in refunds within the last 12 months? 

5. If using a postal franking system, please specify supplier and model

6. Is the equipment owned or leased through supplier / 3rd party finance house 7. If equipment is owned outright, the month, year and cost of purchase  plus the annual maintenance costs 8. If leased, the month, year and term of lease plus quarterly / annual costs including maintenance

9. Will the 2013 budget be an increase on the 2012 spend? If so what is the estimated 2013 postal budget?   

10. What is the reduction, as a percentage, that your postal services will be tasked with in 2013? 

11. What is the typical decision process within your organisation for postal services ?

12. Who is ultimately responsible for making decisions such as the allocation of contracts for postal and affiliated services for your organisation?

Response 04-03-2013

1. 1st class post including number of items

1/4/11 to 31/3/12 45,850 items cost £25109.19.

1/4/12 to 31/12/12 33,874 items cost £19,134.09

2nd class post including number of items

1/4/11 to 31/3/12 448,346 items cost £114,851.18.

1/4/12 to 31/12/12 264,885 items cost £87,250.79

Other postal spend

DX £300 quarterly

2. Franking, DSA, PPI and DX

3. Attachment 1, Attachment 2, Attachment 3 PDF Logo

4. N/A

5. Francotype Postalia  Centormail 3000

6. Leased through NCS Ltd

7. N/A

8. 23 March 2011, for 36 months, costs £1557.14 quarterly

9. No

10. None

11. When a required service cannot be delivered “in house” and requires an outside supply, it is Moray Council policy that a contractual arrangement that is compliant with Public Procurement Regulations and EU Directives, will be put in place for services with a contract value of £30K and above

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