FOI Request - CCTV Cameras

Request 101000125414

I would like the information to cover the last three years - 2012, 2011, and 2010 

I would like to know how many public space CCTV cameras the organisation owns or controls in its area of jurisdiction. This should include fixed, deployable and vehicle mounted systems. It should include cameras which monitor roads and traffic, but not speed cameras.

I would like to know how many staff work in the monitoring and operating of public space CCTV facilities. This may include public space CCTV facilities not owned by the organisation, but by a partner body.

I would like to know the staff and operating costs even if this is just an estimate of public space CCTV facilities to the organisation.

Response 12-03-2013

1. The council owns fixed cameras as follows :

2010 - 35 cameras

2011 - 37 cameras

2012 - 41 cameras


It has the access to but not ownership of

4 in the bus station

4 in Giles Centre


From 2010 to 2012

Its own 3 portable cameras from 2010 to 2012

It has no vehicle mounted cameras


2. The Grampian Police has sole responsibility for the control room operation and staffing and information regarding numbers of operatives and the cost of the operatives.


3. The rental costs for circuits over the last three years is

The maintenance cost for CCTV equipment for the last three years is

09/10               10/11               11/12

35636              52864              61899

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