FOI Request - Catering Service Outlets

Request 101000124143

The name and address (including postcode) of all catering service outlets where the catering is provided on council premises and/or is operated directly by the council, is contracted out by the council or is provided under a service level agreement with the council.

Catering services may be managed by a number of different council departments: please include catering that is provided for council staff, specific groups/communities or the general public.

Examples may include, but are not limited to, council workplace restaurants/dining rooms; trolley, van and basket services; day/resource/community centres; residential units; training facilities; outdoor education centres; sports and leisure facilities; museum/library/park cafés.

However schools and children’s nurseries should not be included, nor should any catering provision that comprises machine vending only.

The reason for my request is to ensure our records are up to date to enable us to cross check with our database which sites have previously registered with or have already achieved the healthyliving award and which have not yet done so. The Scottish Government’s Obesity Route Map Action Plan sets challenging targets to increase the number of awards achieved in eligible council sites, and we require the requested information to make sure these key indicators can be met, to measure progress and to ensure that no eligible site is missing out on the chance to gain an award.

The reason I do not require information about council run schools and nurseries is because they are not eligible for the healthyliving award.

Response 05-03-2013

Catering Services - operated in-house.
Buckie Community CentreWest Cathcart StreetBUCKIEAB56 1QB
Forres Community CentreHigh StreetFORRESIV36 1BU
Elgin Library CaféCooper ParkELGINIV30 1HS
The Moray Council HQHigh StreetELGINIV30 1BX
Elgin Sports & Community CentreTrinity RoadELGINIV30 IUE

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