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Request 101000122546

I'm researching for a PhD at the University of Strathclyde looking at vacant/derelict/unused land (incl. landfills) within Scotland, with a view to examining this for its potential use as an energy resource.

I am aware that SEPA provides data on landfill sites, and that the Scottish Government provides data on vacant and derelict land. The SEPA database concerning landfill sites however is largely incomplete and out of date, as sites are continually being identified.

I am therefore looking for any current data you have concerning landfill sites in your council area. The critical information I am after is:

1) Location, address, NG Reference
2) Total area (in ha) of the landfill sites
3) The present status of each landfill site i.e. whether it is active or closed/capped.
4) Type of waste landfilled (if known)
5) GIS data layer(s) showing site boundaries

I understand not all landfill data exists in GIS format for all Local Councils, as such if this is not available, anything I could use to identify the site boundaries would be beneficial. All data and communications are treated in the strictest of confidence.

Response 25-02-2013


Site Name/AddressNGRTotal Area (ha)StatusWaste Type
Dallachy Landfill, Spey BayNJ 363 64312Operational, capped bar active tip face. Gas extraction operating generating consistent 1MWMunicipal waste
Kirkhill Landfill, ElginNJ 231 6325Closed and capped under Waste Management Licensing  (WML)Regs.Municipal waste
Woodside Landfill, ElginNJ 231 6324.5Closed pre WML regsMunicipal waste
Denside Landfill, PortknockieNJ 492 6763.5Closed pre WML regsMunicipal waste
Newtyle Landfill, ForresNJ 053 5514Closed pre WML regsMunicipal waste
Sunbank Landfill, LossiemouthNJ 233 6885.5Closed pre WML regsMunicipal waste
Greenbrae Landfill, HopemanNJ 137 6924Closed pre WML regs. Flare operating for environmental gas control.Municipal waste



Landfills closed prior to WML regulation are monitored by the Council under contaminated land regime. 

We do not have GIS data layers, or similar, showing site boundaries.

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