FOI Request - Recycling

Request 101000121728

Can you please tell me how much the council spent on advertising and marketing recycling in 2011/12 and separately in 2010/11, also in 2009/10, and in 2008/09.

For each year, can you tell me how much was spent on television adverts, how much on radio adverts and how much on newspaper and magazine adverts.

For advertising campaigns I would like to know exactly what the slogan/message of the campaign was.

Response 22-02-2013


Radio Ads (Reduce Reuse Recycle, Towards Zero Waste)£38,472.35   
Local Newspapers (Reduce Reuse Recycle, Towards Zero Waste)£1,007.49£966.66£2,213.20£528.94
Materials - banners, promotional materials,
wheelie bin sharpeners, rulers, pens, jumbo paper clips (Reduce Reuse Recycle, Towards Zero Waste)
£2,473.02 £1,229.50£114.94
Posters (Litter day of Action)  £414.17 
Inserts to Waste Aware Guides Moray (householders) (Paper Waste, Textile Waste, Garden Waste)   £4,116.38
Bus Panels (Food Waste)   £724.08

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