FOI Request - Outstanding Roadworks/Road Maintenance Projects

Request 101000120051

1. How many outstanding roadworks/road maintenance projects (i.e. ones that are not yet complete) are there in your council area?


2. What is the total distance (in miles) that these outstanding roadworks cover (e.g. 10 miles)?  If possible, could you also provide the length of each outstanding roadworks/road maintenance project?  


3. How long ago (please provide a month and year for the start date) was the current longest outstanding road maintenance project in your council area started?


4. What is the name of the road in your council area that has had the most roadworks in the past five years, and what is the total number of works completed and outstanding on this road?


5. How many roadworks projects IN TOTAL have been completed in your council area over the past five years (please provide a figure for each year: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012).


6. How many complaints have your council received regarding roadworks in your area in the past five years?

Response 15-02-2013

1. 15 roadworks/road maintenance projects are outstanding.


2. The combined length of the above 15 projects was 0.88 miles.


3. The longest outstanding project was started on 29.10.12.


4. The road which has had the most roadworks/road maintenance projects in the last 5 years is the A941(Lossiemouth-Elgin-Rothes-Craigellachie-Dufftown-Cabrach Road).  This road had 532 roadworks/road maintenance projects completed, and 2 of the 15 outstanding projects mentioned above are also on this road.


5. There were 16,927 roadworks/road maintenance projects completed in the last 5 years.  The totals for each year are as follows:- 2008=3212, 2009=2978, 2010=3216, 2011=3505, 2012=4016


6. There are no complaints regarding roadworks logged on the Moray Council corporate complaint database in the last 5 years

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