FOI Request - Sexting

Request 101000119327

1. I am looking for figures on the number of incidents of ‘sexting’ reported to in schools in the council area in each of the last three years – i.e. 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12.

For this purpose I am using ‘sexting’ to refer to the sharing of sexually explicit information, including photos, by mobile phone or other internet or mobile data device, or online, between minors.

2. Can you tell me the ages of the pupils involved, if held?

3. Can you tell me how many of these incidents resulted from complaints by parents or other carers?

4. Can you please tell me how many resulted in
a) referrals to the procurator fiscal
b) referrals to the Scottish Children’s Reporters Administration
c) referrals to the police

5. Could you tell me if the council has an official policy or guidelines for education staff on handling this social problem?

Response 12-02-2013


2009-10   - 5

2010-11   - 5

2011-12   - 9


Ages range from 11 - 17 years.


1 complaint was made by a parent.


 There were no referrals.


We do not have a policy or guidelines.

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