FOI Request - Inclusion Units

Request 101000118931

1. Which secondary schools in the local authority, if any, have special "inclusion/behaviour units" for dealing with disruptive pupils?

2. What is the annual cost of the unit to the school / local authority?

3. When was the unit(s) opened?

4. Which secondary schools, if any, have campus-based police officers or community police officers?

Response 21-01-2013

1.  Moray Council practice dictates that children attend their local school where possible.  As such all eight secondary schools are equipped with enhanced bases.  These bases are equipped and staffed to support the variety of needs which may present at any given time.  Some schools have further opted to personalise their pupil support provision in order to meet the needs of their particular pupil cohort.  These enhanced bases are further supported by the provision of multi-agency bases in all secondary schools which support work carried out by partner agencies when supporting children and young people.

2.  Given the multitude of funding sources and the decision of schools to personalise their provision according to specific needs this question cannot be answered.  I am able to confirm that Moray Council's budget for Additional Support for Learning in schools is £6.8 million

3.  As 2 above

4.  None

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