FOI Request - Homeless Families

Request 101000117950

1. For each of the periods 2009/10, 2010/11 and 2011/12, how much money did the council spend on accommodating homeless households (individuals and families) in B&Bs and hotels?  If the council makes a distinction, I would be grateful if these figures could be broken down to supply separate figures for B&Bs and hotels.

2. Please supply the names of any B&B or hotel establishments or hotel chains used more than three times in any given year (2009/10, 2010/11 and 2011/12), by the council.

3. For each of the periods 2009/10, 2010/11 and 2011/12, please could you tell me how many households (individuals and families) were accommodated in Hotels and/or B&Bs, and whether such households contained children.

4. For each of the periods 2009/10, 2010/11 and 2011/12, can you please give me information on
a) the average size of families accommodated in hotels and or BYB
b) the average length of stay
c) the maximum amount paid per night.

Response 29-01-2013

1. The Council spent the following on bed & breakfast/hostels in the years you have requested.  The income generated from housing benefit claims has been taken off the gross cost of providing this accommodation.

Gross Cost937,769.25626,132.973,363.48
Less Income228,909.60157,192.251,369.32
Net Cost708,859.65468,940.721,994.16


Aberlour Hotel, AberlourYesNoNo
Ardivot House, LossiemouthYesYesNo
Auchmillan Guest HouseYesNoNo
Ben Aigen Hotel, RothesYesYesNo
Clifton B&B, LossiemouthYesYesNo
Clifton Hotel, LossiemouthYesNoNo
Commercial Hotel, KeithYesYesNo
Eastbank Guesthouse, RothesYesYesNo
Fife Arms, KeithYesYesNo
Links Lodge, LossiemouthYesNoNo
Linkwood Lodge, Travel Inn, ElginYesYesNo
Marine Hotel, BuckieYesNoNo
Mill House Hotel, TynetYesNoNo
Old Coach House Hotel, BuckieYesYesNo
Rock House Hotel, LossiemouthYesYesNo
Royal Hotel, KeithYesYesNo
Southbank Guest House, ElginYesYesYes
Sunninghill Hotel, ElginYesYesNo
Tennants Arms, LhanbrydeYesYesNo
Willowbank, ElginYesYesNo

Note:  Since the introduction of our Housing Options Team in October 2010, the use of bed & breakfast/hostels for emergency accommodation is no longer routinely used for homeless households.

3. Based on the date that they moved in, we placed the following households in hotel/B&B accommodation

Households with dependent children68401
Households without dependent children2392031
Total Households3072432



with dependent children334
with no dependent children111
all households212


b. 2009/10 - 67, 2010/11 - 58, 2011/12 - 33

c. 2009/10 - £173.00, 2010/11 - £213.00, 2011/12 - £99.00

The high figures are for families who needed more than one room and the figure is the total amount.

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