Energy advice for private landlords

This page explains the importance of energy performance and how to get advice on improving your rental property.

Why improve my rental property?

Improving the energy performance of your rental property has benefits to both you and your tenant.  A home that is more comfortable to live in and cheaper to run will be more desirable to a potential tenant and easier to let.  

Where can I get advice or help?

The Energy Saving Trust's private sector landlords webpage gives free advice and information on measures you could take to improve the energy performance of your property.  They can also tell you if you are eligible for any other help, such as the green homes cashback scheme.

The Green Deal is an initiative that launched in January 2013.  Following a survey of the rental property by a Green Deal assessor, you will be given recommendations to make energy saving improvements and may be given help to pay for these when you use a Green Deal provider to carry out for the works.  'Green Deal for residential landlords' gives a summary of how the initiative will work.  You can get more information on this from the Energy Saving Trust

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