FOI Request - Community Payback Orders

Request 101000117505

(1) Please provide me with the total annual spend by your Local Authority for the financial year of 2011-12 on enforcing and supervising Community Payback Orders.

(2) As part of this figure I would like you to include the total amount spent from the Local Authority’s own budget as well as any additional funding provided to the Local Authority by a Community Justice Authority to enforce and supervise CPOs in your area.

(3) Please can you also provide the total number of CPOs commenced in your local authority area during that same time period.

Response 04-02-2013

(1) In 2011/12 we received £414,299 from the NCJA for providing all of the Criminal Justice Service, this cannot be broken down into CPO monies. 

(2) The NCJA grant is our entire budget for the delivery of service.

(3) 165 CPOs commenced between 1 April 2011 – 31 March 2012.

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