FOI Request - Disposal of Babies' Ashes

Request 101000116801

1) Since December 1 2012 , how many complaints/letters of concern/inquiries have been received by the council with regards to the disposal of babies' ashes by council-owned crematoriums without their parents' knowledge?


2) How many of those from Q1 are parents claiming that they were not offered the remains of their cremated children?

- How many of these inquiries were found to be correct? (ie, how many of these people were in fact not offered their child's remains, but instead the remains were dispersed of without the parents' knowledge)

- Please give details of the crematoriums named in the correspondence.


2) What is the council's policy on the disposal of babies' ashes after cremation?

Response 11-01-2013

(1)  None

(2)  Moray Council does not operate crematoria, and never has done.

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