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With reference to the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and in connection with the Pilmuir/River Findhorn Flood Alleviation Scheme now underway in Forres, I would like to hereby request answers to the following questions:

a) What is the unit cost per panel of the wooden fencing recently erected on the north-side of the River Findhorn in the proximity of Broom of Moy, and on the south-side of the River Findhorn, close to the Pilmuir and Califer Road areas of Forres ?

b) What is the brand name of this type of panelled fencing, the original manufacturer of the wooden panel, and the original provenance of the wood material used in these panels ? (I have been told that they come from Malaysia )

c) Who is the UK supplier/distributor of the wooden panels ?

d) When felling and vegetation removal commences in the Greshop Wood (i.e. near the planned extension of the Bailey Bridge) is additional fencing to be erected on the south-side of the River Findhorn ?

e) What is the total cost of ALL the wooden panelled fencing to be erected in Forres in connection with the Forres Flood Alleviation Scheme 2012-2015 ? (i.e. fencing on both the north and south sides of the River Findhorn: fencing already erected plus any fencing to be erected at a later date during the scheme)

f) After completion of the Flood Alleviation Scheme works in western Forres, will the wooden panels be recycled? re-used? dumped? scrapped? burned? or is it being considered to offer the panels to local voluntary groups (Scouts? Brownies? schools? other charity/charities?) for their use ?

Note: Since the panels erected in Forres are all brand new and will remain outdoors for a considerable period, we have to assume that no suitable re-cycled panels were available for the Forres works and that on completion of the work in Forres, all the  fencing will be dismantled, torn down and scrapped. It is assumed that the weather-worn and deteriorated panels will not be in suitable condition to be recycled or used for another project. The wooden fencing panels are therefore a 'one-project' cost.

Response 29-01-2013

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