FOI Request - Learning in Development

Request 101000115263

1. I would like a copy of the council's organisational chart, inclusive of job titles and individual's names who do those roles.

2. Spend on Learning in Development, with a break down of the L&D spend in the areas of training, project management, business analysis and personal development.

Response 08-01-2013

1. Organisation Chart

2. Overall spend on training 2011-2012 just over £1 million. Actually £1,052,508.28 

The Employee Development Team provide corporate training to employees at a cost of £198,000 per annum.  This includes generic courses, e.g. Induction, Assertiveness, Customer Service, Time Management, Presentation Skills, Train the Trainer, Recruitment and Selection, Essentials of Supervision, Coaching Skills, Stress and Pressure, Health and Work, Minute Taking, Business Writing etc. Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation services are also provided.   This is one to one for Coaching and Mentoring and in groups for facilitation or consultation purposes. The team also run Project Management Training, Transactional Analysis and NLP awareness courses. Leadership and Management Programmes are delivered in-house by the Employee Development team supported by  materials and visual aids from the Local Government Consortium set up by The Improvement Service.

Bespoke events are developed and delivered at the request of line managers and joint activities with public sector partners.  These sessions are held in Moray and therefore remove the need for travel and accommodation expenditure.

Other training services are provided for dedicated staff groups; Social Work, Teaching, Planning, Finance, Catering, Cleaning, Waste, Lands & Parks, Roads, Fleet, Leisure, Libraries, Community Care, Community Support, Members Development, Maintenance, Flood Team, etc.  Some of this training is statutory or required in order to carry out the function, some of it is refresher to maintain a particular standard and some of it is developmental.  A great many of the required skills are provided by the Council's own qualified staff. 

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