FOI Request - Teaching Staff with Criminal Convictions

Request 101000114947

(1) I would like to request the number of current teaching staff employed at each school in your local authority who have a criminal conviction.  

(2) I would like these convictions broken down into category of offence by school.  

(3) I would also like to know how many teaching staff you currently employ at each institution.  

(4) I would like this information broken down into local primary and secondary schools.

Response 30-01-2013

(1) We do not hold this information at Moray Council.  Each member of teaching staff working in a school has to complete a PVG check prior to    appointment and at regular intervals throughout their employment with the council.  Should an issue be raised on any PVG certificate a discussion      is held with the Head of Service and a decision taken as to whether or not the conviction deems the member of staff/candidate to be unemployable.     If authorisation is given the member of staff can start and no record is held of the conviction, only that they have been authorised to work.

(2) N/A

(3) Information can be found here. PDF Logo

(4) N/A

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