Register of Interests

Notice of Registerable Interests for Councillor James Scott Allan as at May 2017.


Employment, offices held, trades, professions or vocations declared for income tax purposes.

Moray Council - Council Convener

Related undertakings

Directorships held which are not in themselves remunerated but where the company (or other undertaking) in question is a subsidiary or a parent of, a company (or other undertaking) in which a remunerated directorship is held.


Contracts with the authority

Contracts with the Authority which are not fully discharged, and which are:

(a) contracts for the supply of goods, services or works to the Authority or on the Authority’s behalf, and
(b) between the Moray Council and either yourself or a company in which you have a beneficial interest or of which you are a director.


Election expenses

Assistance towards election expenses received within the last twelve months.

Date: May 2017   Name of Body/Org: Scottish Conservatives

Houses, land and buildings

Houses, land and buildings in the area of the authority where there is a beneficial interest.

Hersbruck, 3 Prospect View, Lossiemouth IV31 6DQ – owner

Interest in shares and securities

Shares or securities comprised in the share capital of a company or other body and the nominal value of the shares is;

  • greater than 1% of the issued share capital of the company or other body; or
  • greater than £25,000

Non-financial interests

Details of any non-financial interests which members of the public might reasonably think could influence actions, speeches or votes in the Council.

Scottish Conservative Party (Moray) - Executive Committee member
Lossiemouth Football Club – Treasurer
4th Lossiemouth BB’s – Company Captain
North Scottish Area Boys’ Brigade – Vice President
Moray Battalion Boys’ Brigade – Committee member
Lossiemouth Hersbruck Twin Town Association - Chairman
Moray Twinning Association - Twinning Officer

Appointments to outside bodies

Equalities Champion

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