The Eligibility Criteria

We try to be flexible when deciding if you are eligible for social care services, however, resources are limited and we cannot help everyone who approaches us. In order to ensure the decisions we make are fair, we use an Eligibility Criteria to decide if you have priority needs.

Your needs may be consider as being critical or substantial, moderate or low, based on the risk to your independence and risks of harm or danger if your needs are not addressed.

Eligibility for Community Care

It is important that clear information on services is available to the public. In order to achieve this and confirm The Moray Council’s responsibility to target resources to those most in need, elected members approved these eligibility criteria and decided that services will be targeted on those within the “critical” and “substantial” bands.

In order to establish whether an individual is eligible for a Community Care service, there are three stages to be completed:

Stage One - Qualifying for an Assessment

The threshold for qualification of a Community Care assessment is a low one. The Moray Council has a duty to assess an individual where it appears to it that a person may be in need of community care services that The Moray Council may provide or arrange.

Stage Two - Community Care Assessment – Identify and Agree Needs

Eligibility for service is based on the single shared assessment process focussing on individual needs and seriousness of risk to their independence if their needs are not met.

Stage Three - Deciding Who is Eligible for a Service

The Moray Council is not required to meet all needs identified in the assessment.

This is because the demand for services outweighs the money available to provide services to meet all needs. In working out what needs will be met, the Council is required to have an Eligibility Criteria for services.

In setting the Eligibility Criteria, the Council followed guidance set out in national frameworks, and this includes the designation of the bands of need which describe the seriousness of the risk to independence or other consequences if needs are not addressed.

The four bands of intensity of risk are as follows:

Critical Risk: Indicates that there are major risks to an individual's independent living or health and well-being likely to call for the immediate or imminent provision of social care services (high priority).

Substantial Risk: Indicates that there are significant risks to an individual's independence or health and wellbeing likely to call for the immediate or imminent provision of social care services (high priority).

Moderate Risk: Indicates that there are some risks to an individual's independence or health and wellbeing. These may call for the provision of some social care services managed and prioritised on an ongoing basis or they may simply be manageable over the foreseeable future without service provision, with appropriate arrangements for review.

Low Risk: Indicates that there may be some quality of life issues, but low risks to an individual’s independence or health and wellbeing with very limited, if any, requirement for the provision of care services. There may be some need for alternative support or advice and appropriate arrangements for review over the foreseeable future or longer term.

Moderate and Low Risks

The Moray Council will take into consideration whether the provision of services or equipment or other interventions might help prevent or reduce the risk of an individuals’ needs becoming more intensive.

Preventive risk assessment: If an assessment suggests someone's circumstances are likely to deteriorate within the next 6 months to the point they would have critical needs, then they may qualify for help now. Consideration will be given on how to implement a response to the care needs through assessment or ongoing review.

Individuals who require services will not be placed in a date order queue; services will be provided on the basis of priority of need. A continuing systematic review of each individuals needs will be undertaken, including the consideration of how urgently service provision is required and if (any) interim measures might be appropriate, pending a more permanent response.

Eligibility Criteria for Community Care – Policy and Procedure

This Policy is about eligibility for adult social care services to ensure greater consistency and transparency in standards for access to care services.

This document sets out The Moray Council’s eligibility criteria for access to personal Community Care Services provided directly by, or commissioned through, The Moray Council.

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