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Independent Living Centre - FAQ

Do I need to be referred?

A formal referral is not required.  Please call 01343 559461 or email the to make an appointment.

Where is The Independent Living Centre and what hours is it open?

The ILC is based within Moray Resource Centre, Maisondieu Road, Elgin, IV30 1RX.  We are open from 8.45am until 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 4.30pm on Fridays

What's the difference between a Independent Living Centre Occupational Therapy  assessment and a community OT assessment?

Where you meet the eligibility criteria for the service, a community OT will visit you in your own home and will carry out a similar assessment to the ILC, but will be able to meet more complex needs such as adaptations to your property, rehabilitation and reablement.  They may suggest equipment that may be beneficial to you and will order this on your behalf to be delivered and fitted by the joint equipment store. 

We will talk to you about your difficulties to assess what may be required, and then give you the opportunity to try equipment within the centre. This gives you more involvement in deciding what will work best in your particular situation. If you are unsure which service is best for you, you can contact the ILC team direct for further information on 01343 559461 or contact the Access Care Team on 01343 563999

What will happen during my appointment?

We will chat to you in an informal environment about the difficulties you are having and will give you accurate information or demonstrate equipment that we feel may meet your needs. This gives you the opportunity to view or try equipment and make an informed decision as to its suitability for you.

Can I purchase equipment at the Independent Living Centre?

We do not sell equipment, but where you are assessed as eligible for equipment through the OT service; this may be prescribed and delivered to your home by the Joint Equipment Store.  Where this is not the case you will be given information on where you can purchase equipment privately.  A number of suppliers offer discounted purchase for individuals who have been assessed by a member of ILC staff.  As we do not sell equipment, and are not linked to any companies, we are able to provide impartial advice and information.

 For further details on the care needs assessment and financial assessment see our information:

I have arthritis in my hands and it is making it difficult for me to carry out certain tasks in the kitchen, is there anything that can help?

Swollen and painful hands can lead to a weakened grip and difficulty manipulating small items.  We have a number of helpful solutions for you to explore such as wider handled utensils, jar openers and kettle tippers.  We can also provide information on ways of protecting your joints and conserving your energy.

I am struggling to get in and out of my bath, and would like to replace it with a shower; can the Independent Living Centre help with that?

For many living independently at home, getting out of the bath can be the first difficulty they experience as they get older.  Statutory help is available to replace your bath with a walk in shower, regardless of your housing tenure, it is however an assessed need and can only be recommended by an OT once all other bathing equipment has been ruled out. We can establish quickly and easily what your bathing needs are at the ILC and will refer you on to our community OT colleagues to assess the suitability of your property if this is the recommendation.

I live in a two storey house with my bedroom and bathroom upstairs and am beginning to struggle with my mobility.  Can you give me information on my housing options?

At the ILC we actively encourage people to come and discuss their housing needs at an early stage.  This allows us to explore the best options with you and put you in touch with the right people.  Where re-housing is required on medical grounds, we can supply an OT housing needs report to support your application. Moray Council have produced a leaflet, ‘Housing Options for People with Disabilities’ 

If you would like further help or information on any aspect of disability, or to make an appointment please contact us by telephone on 01343 559461, or by email at

We welcome feedback on our website, the service we provide, and any suggestions for their development.

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