What Information is Needed in a Fraud Report?

There has to be good reason to investigate a person for benefit fraud therefore the more information you can give the more likely we are to investigate it and to succeed.

The sort of information which is needed includes:

  • What you think the fraud is – what income, capital or household circumstances are involved  
  • Why you suspect fraud
  • Names – including any nicknames and aliases
  • Addresses
  • Descriptions – height, build, hair colour
  • Employment details – name and address of employer, type of work, hours of work and how much they earn
  • Vehicle details- make, model, registration, colour, markings etc.
  • Details of anyone else involved, including their name, description, vehicle and employment details
  • Dates – how long you suspect the fraud has been going on for
  • Times – any known daily times or patterns linked to the possible fraud
  • Anything else you think might be useful

Don't worry if you cannot provide all this information but please try to give as much information as you know.

Report online through the GOV.UK website

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