Moray Energy Efficiency Advice Project

Moray Energy Efficiency Advice project aims to improve energy efficiencies and alleviate fuel poverty in Moray.

The project is managed by  the Energy Saving Trust and part funded by Moray Council and the Energy Saving Trust.

We can provide free, confidential and impartial energy efficiency advice and information to households and small businesses.  Simple energy saving measures can make significant savings on heating costs and reduce harmful CO2 emissions, thus protecting the environment.

We give advice on how to:

  • Choose or change fuel suppliers
  • Choose a central heating system and use it efficiently
  • Assess insulation requirements
  • Choose small scale renewable energy technologies
  • Choose cleaner transport options
  • Access grants and cashback schemes
  • Understand fuel bills and paying for fuel

An advisor will help you complete a home energy check which produces a report recommending specific energy efficiency improvements and gives information on grants or cashback schemes available to help you save energy, save money and save the environment.

How we can help you:

  • Telephone advice
  • Community advice sessions
  • Home visits (where appropriate)
  • Energy efficiency presentations
  • Energy efficiency training
  • Energy Savings Reports

Contact the Energy Saving Trust to find out how can save energy, save money and help save the environment.

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