Forres Common Good

Forres Common Good 2017-18

Projection of available resources, based on Actual expenditure to 28th July 2017

Estimated Disposable Income 2017/18                                                                                                      21,795

Plus : Undisbursed Income from prior years                                                                                                    0

Less: repayment of capital advance for property repairs                                                                         1,483

Total Estimated Disposable Income                                                                                                          20,312

Actual/Commitments to Date:  Forres Mechanics                                                 3,000
                                                    Forres in Bloom                                                    1,500
                                                    Forres Golf Course                                               2,000
                                                    Forres Features                                                    1,000
                                                    Forres Rotary Club Bonfire Night                          1,446
                                                    Forres Xmas Lights                                                  750

                                                   Dr Grays Wave Radio                                               833                                    

                                                   Forres Christmas Lights                                          3000                          13,529

Projected Balance Available for Disbursement                                                                                        6,783 

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