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Information for young people leaving foster or residential placements

What is Supported Lodgings?

Supported Lodgings is a place where you can stay with a family or individual and where you will be helped to move onto your own accommodation.

At the moment in Moray, there are two types of Supported Lodgings –some where you will have a room in a person’s home and others where you will be living in a bedsit type flat which is part of the house.

 The Supported Lodgings Providers will help you work on the skills you need to have to live independently.  Most of you will already be carrying out some of these tasks, but in Supported Lodgings you will get some help to develop them and even learn new skills.

Depending on your circumstances you will have to make a small financial contribution towards your board and lodgings, but this is agreed before you move in.

Placement Agreement

Before you move into a Supported Lodgings placement you will be involved along with your Throughcare/Aftercare worker and the Supported Lodgings Provider in drawing up a placement agreement.

This is an important document as it sets out the general ‘house rules’.  Everyone who is involved in this meeting gets the chance to say what they want from the placement, so it is really important that you are involved in this, so that your wishes are included.

During the time that you stay in a Supported Lodgings placement there will be regular updates of your progress.  This again gives everyone the opportunity to comment on anything which is good or things that may need to change.

Some Comments from Young People

These are some comments from young people who have been in Supported Lodgings placements.

  • ‘My Supported Lodgings Provider was understanding, patient, friendly, easy to talk to, caring, available and helpful’.
  • ‘My Supported Lodgings Provider helped me to move onto my own place’.
  • ‘Supported Lodgings gave me the time to build up my confidence’.

Not all of your questions will have been answered here, so if you need to know more, you should speak with your Throughcare/Aftercare worker.

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