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Housing and Property Chamber (First-tier Tribunal for Scotland)

A new structure for tribunals in Scotland comes into effect on Thursday 1 December 2016.  The Housing and Property Chamber will take over the work of the former Private Rented Housing Panel (PRHP) dealing with property issues.  It will hear disputes on rents, repairs and access for landlords to their properties as well as helping to resolve disputes that arise between homeowners and property factors.

The Housing and Property Chamber has a new dedicated website at

Police Scotland advice for landlords and tenants

Operation Thero is Police Scotland’s investigation into the property rental and development sector targeting businesses with links to organised crime.  Organised Crime Groups are ruthless, selfish and bring misery to many lives using businesses to launder proceeds of crime, enabling them to continue their criminality.
Properties can be used for cannabis cultivation, sexual exploitation, trafficked persons using unregistered landlords. Unregistered landlords and properties rented as unlicensed Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) can impact not only on tenants but also on landlords and letting agents who are carrying out their business in the lawful manner.
If you suspect any property is operating as an unregistered or unlicensed HMO let property, please contact
Further information and advice can be viewed:

What is private renting?

'Private rented housing' means housing that is owned by a private individual, company or organisation, including some charities.  Private rented housing plays an important role in providing accommodation for all sorts of different households.

Most private landlords must be registered with the local authority before they can legally let residential property in that council area.  We have over 4,000 private sector properties on our register which can be viewed by the public.  You can get more information on becoming a landlord or a tenant below.

Information for private landlords

Becoming a landlord and renting out your property can be very complex.  There are certain things that by law you must do.  

If you own a property that you  rent out, then you can get more information on your responsibilities on our landlord pages.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) recently launched The Let Property Campaign.  This gives landlords an opportunity to bring their tax affairs up to date to get the best possible terms to pay the tax they owe.

Click on Let Property Campaign for further details.

Information for private tenants

If your home is rented from a private landlord, or you are thinking of renting privately then you can get information on your rights and responsibilities on our private tenants page.

Changes to housing benefit and welfare reform

If you are looking for private rented accommodation and are on a low income or unemployed, please be aware that changes to the welfare system are gradually being phased in.  These changes could mean that any benefits you are entitled to may be affected.  You can get more information on the website or view our page on changes to housing benefit and welfare reforms

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