Access Moray Card FAQs

How to replace

If your card is lost, damaged, faulty or stolen, simply contact us giving your full name, date of birth, current address, and reason for replacement.

Contact us by telephoning 0300 123 4565 or emailing  If you are a Moray secondary school student you should request a replacement card through your school office.

What is a smartcard?

A smartcard is a plastic card, the size of a credit card, but with a small microchip embedded in it.   This microchip can be more or less powerful depending on the services the card can access.

What is the National Entitlement Card scheme?

The National Entitlement Card (NEC) scheme is operated by all local authorities throughout Scotland making it easier to access a wide range of services such as transport, school meals, concessions and proof of age for young people.  Each local authority incorporates National Entitlements with local branding and local uses and Moray’s version is the Access Moray card.

Over time residents of Moray will be able to use a single smartcard, the Access Moray card, to access education, libraries and leisure services.  The NEC scheme means using one card rather than many, which is more convenient to use and cheaper to administer.

What is the Access Moray Card?

The Access Moray Card is part of the National Entitlement Card scheme which is planned to replace the array of cards used to access services with a single card.

The card currently provides residents of Moray with a single card to access a number of services including proof of age, cashless cateringconcessionary bus travel and access to discount schemes.

What practical benefits does it bring to the cardholder?

A single card can, in theory, replace most of the pieces of plastic which most of the public carry around in their wallets and purses. One card for library membership, leisure activities, cash purchases, cashless vending, personal and secure authentication, concessionary travel, loyalty discounts, the applications are numerous.

Who can have an Access Moray card?

The Access Moray Card, provided under the National Entitlement Card scheme, is available to all residents of Moray aged 11 and over to make it easier to access services.

How do I apply for a card?

Application forms are available by telephoning 01343 563200 or by picking up a form at an access points or libraries

Can the Access Moray Card be used as a proof of age card?

Yes. The Young Persons card is available to all 11 – 25 year olds and the procedures involved in producing the card have been scrutinised by the Young Scot organisation.  The Access Moray card has been accredited to carry the Proof of Age Standards Scheme, PASS, hologram.  The card is endorsed by Trading Standards, the police and the local licensing board.

How do I obtain a discount in shops?

Discounts are available to holders of the Young Persons card in a number of national and local shops and the list of shops is changing all the time.  Discounts are accessed by simply presenting the card to the sales assistant at the time of your purchase.  A list of shops providing discounts is available at

Can I obtain credit with the Access Moray card?

No.  The Access Moray card provides entitlement to services only.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

Cards that are lost, stolen or damaged can be replaced by contacting us.

Is it an ID card?

No.  The Access Moray card is a voluntary card offering entitlement to services and streamlines the number of cards in use by residents of Moray.  The aim of the card is to provide improved quality and access to services and does not act as an ID card.

What if I want to make a complaint about the Access Moray Card?

Cause for Complaint

If you have a cause for complaint about the Access Moray Card, submit your complaint in writing by one of these methods:

A letter to:
The Access Moray Card Office
The Moray Council
Council Office
High Street
IV30 1BX

When can I travel with my card?

Holders of the elderly or disabled version of the card may travel at any time of the day or night throughout Scotland using any bus or coach service.

If you are between 16 and 18 you will receive travel concessions of a third off bus travel across Scotland and a free Scottish Youth Railcard which will give concessions on rail journeys in Scotland.

Young people aged 11 - 15 can use their card to obtain discounted travel on Stagecoach bus services within Moray, Moray Council bus services and Dial M bus services. You must however be travelling on a return journey into Elgin outwith school hours and after 11 a.m. on non school days.

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