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What we do

Education and Social Care is a single, integrated department which brings together Education; Social Work support for Children and Families; Community Care services for adults; and Lifelong Learning, Culture and Sports.

Our vision:- Ambitious to Achieve Excellence Together

Our aims:-

  • Ensuring people's outcomes remain at the heart of what we do
  • Ensuring effective partnership working
  • Supporting, enabling and encouraging people, their families and local communities to achieve what is important to them
  • Actively promoting early intervention
  • Delivering accessible, consistent, equitable and high quality services
  • Using our resources effectively and targeting our capacity appropriately and efficiently
  • Engaging and involving through effective communication with everyone we work with
  • Promoting equality
  • Sharing and using our information openly and fully
  • Creating a culture of self evaluation and continuous improvement

Education and Social Care is responsible for:


If you have a general enquiry please contact
Tel: 01343 563374

Acting Corporate Director (Education and Social Care)
Graham Jarvis
:-  Overall management, development and delivery of Education and Social Care. Main areas of responsibility: Community Care; Integrated Children's Services; Lifelong Learning, Culture & Sport; Schools and Curriculum Development.
Telephone: 01343 563365

Head of Community Care
Jane Mackie:- responsibility for Health and Social Care Teams.  Design and delivery of service initiatives; working closely with support services to meet objectives of Moray Community Health and Social Care Partnership.  Facilitates best performance management practice in collaboration with Moray Council and NHS Grampian.
Telephone: 01343 567122

Acting Head of Integrated Children’s Services
Kathy Henwood
:- responsibility for Child Protection; Social Work; Early and Targeted Intervention; Looked After Children; Educational Psychology; Interrupted Learning; Fostering and Adoption; Throughcare/Aftercare; Commissioning Services; Sensory Impairment / English as an Additional Language; Criminal Justice.
Telephone: 01343 563584

Head of Lifelong Learning, Culture and Sport
Responsibility for Sports and Culture Development; Lifelong Learning; Libraries and Museums; School Estate; Adult Literacies; ESOL; Community Safety; Anti-Social Behaviour; Active Schools.
Telephone: 01343 563374

Head of Schools and Curriculum Development 
Vivienne Cross:- responsibility for Nursery/Early Years Provision; Primary and Secondary Provision; Curriculum for Excellence; 16+ Learning Choices/Opportunities for All; Lead Officer HMI Inspection Programme, Quality Improvement, Curriculum Development, Policy Formation/Strategic Planning, Liaison with other departments/agencies. 
Telephone: 01343 563411

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