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Active Schools provides opportunities for children to participate in school sport and activities. Our aim is to get all children in Moray active, in and out of school, so that it benefits their health, confidence, and social skills.  We work with partners in Sports Development, Physical Education and community sports clubs to do this, and we have a particular interest in getting children who do little or no activity to do more.

Each associated school group (ASG) in Moray has an Active Schools Coordinator who builds partnerships with clubs and other organisations to create a pathway from school to community activity.  This might mean helping sports clubs promote their activity in schools by arranging an after-school session block; hosting a multi-school sports or dance festival; and recruiting, training and supporting a network of volunteers to deliver activities.

Active Schools also coordinate the popular School Sport Competition (SSC) programme for secondary schools, allowing pupils from across Moray to play against each other across a range of sports in a spirit of friendly competition.

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