Right to Buy

The Right to Buy scheme (which gives tenants the right to buy their home at a discounted price) ended on 1 August 2016.  The information on this page is only relevant to tenants that applied before this date.

Preserved right to buy

This is when your tenancy began, or you succeeded a tenancy which began before 30 September 2002. You need to have been a council tenant for two years before you have the right to buy the property.

If you are buying a house, your minimum discount on the market rate is 32% after two years as a tenant, and a further 1% discount per year up to a maximum discount of 60%. If you are buying a flat, your minimum discount is 44% after two years as a tenant, and a further 2% discount per year up to a maximum 70% discount.

Modernised right to buy

Most tenants fall under this category, and if you want to buy your council property, you will have to have been a tenant for at least five years.

It does not matter if you are buying a house or a flat, you will receive a 20% discount after five years as a tenant, and a further 1% per year, up to 35%, but no more than £15,000.

No right to buy

Further changes have been made, which remove the right to buy from:

  • New build and new-supply housing (built of bought after 25 June 2005)
  • People who take up a tenancy with a social landlord for the first time

Find more information on the Scottish Government website.

Once you know that you have a Right to Buy and how much your home will cost, you need to work out if you can afford it.

Selling your council property

If you sell your home within three years of buying it from us, you will have to pay back all or some of your discount: 1 year - repay 100% of discount, 2 years - repay 66% of discount, 3 years - repay 33% of discount.

You will not have to repay the discount if:

  • One joint owner is buying out the other joint owner
  • You sell part of the home, but continue to live in the remaining part
  • You sell the home to a family member who has been living there for the past year
  • You die and the home is sold as part of your estate
  • Your home is subject to a compulsory purchase order


You will not be able to buy your home if:

  • you live in sheltered housing or have a tied tenancy;
  • you live in new-build and new-supply housing (built or bought since 25 June 2005)
  • you have a short Scottish secure tenancy
  • you have a modernised right to buy and live in a pressured area (there is a Moray-wide pressured area status designation)
  • your property has been adapted for those who need special housing features

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