Check your rent balance and make a payment at any time using our rent balance tool.  First, you’ll need to sign up to myaccount and match it to your housing account. 

We will tell you how much your gross rent is, but this may be reduced if you receive housing benefit or Universal Credit.  Your rent is due each Monday for the week ahead, or you can pay in advance for a specific period, for example a month or six weeks. If your rent is up-to-date, you may be entitled to a number of rent free weeks during the year.

Full roll out of Universal Credit started in Moray from 27 June 2018. Our leaflet on Universal Credit gives more information on what full service means and advice on making a claim. 

Paying your rent

You can pay your rent:

How we set council house rents

You can read our Rent Setting Policy, which was introduced in April 2006 and aims to make sure that rents are affordable. Currently our rents are amongst the lowest rents for local authorities in Scotland.  Our leaflet on council house rents explains how we calculate your rent, what we use it for and how you can contact us.

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