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From 31st March 2011 the Cultural Co-ordinators in Scottish Schools programme ceased in Moray.

The previous team facilitated the development of the Moray Creative Learning Network, a group of teaching and creative professionals interested in continuing to explore and develop creative & cultural learning.

The purpose of the Moray Creative Learning Network is:

To establish a group of individuals from the arts, cultural and education sectors (including young people where appropriate) interested in development and sharing of creative and cultural learning in Moray. The Network uses the ethos and success from the 'Cultural Co-ordinator In Scottish Schools' programme in the area.

The group exists in a largely virtual capacity due to the disparate geographical nature of Moray, but will gather members together throughout the year for networking events to share ideas and learning face to face.

Members have participated in such events as ‘How To Write An Exceptional Grant Funding Application’ and ‘Partnership Working within Curriculum For Excellence’ CPD sessions previously.

Resources from these sessions are available to download from the right hand menu on this page labelled "documents".  

If you would like to become a member of the network, please visit the Moray Creative Learning Network Blog site where you will find all the relevant contact details as well as a link to download a 'data protection form' which must also be completed in order to become a member of the Moray Creative Learning Network.

Moray Creative Learning Network Blog Site - CONTACT US

The Creative Learning Networks Fund is managed by Education Scotland, in partnership with Creative Scotland to support the development of Creative Learning Networks (CLNs) in local authority areas across Scotland.

Creative Learning Network members and interested parties are encouraged to visit the recently launched Creativity Portal, a resource provided by Creative Scotland and Learning & Teaching Scotland to inform and inspire those interested in creative learning. The Moray Creative Learning Network also has a Glow group, to enable members to share project details/blogs etc. Search Moray Creative Learning Network in Glow.  Please click on the logos below:

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Creative Learning Networking Events - the team at Moray Art Centre (The Park, Findhorn, Moray, IV36 3TA) will facilitate all events (please see the link below for all current details). Events are scheduled to take place as twilight sessions based around school term dates. We aim for event content to inspire participants, show how ideas can be applied in Moray and offer a space for conversation and networking between those interested in furthering development of creative & cultural learning.

All replies, for network events and for submission of project news, and artists blogs should go to

Information on all networking events can be found at the following link:

Moray Creative Learning Network Blog Site - MCLN EVENTS

A Brief History of the Cultural Co-ordinator in Scottish Schools Programme

The programme was created out of the National Cultural Strategy and has been funded by the Scottish Arts Council (SAC) and individual Local Authorities.

Operating mainly in schools, but occasionally out-with formal education settings, the team has worked with a range of local, regional and national arts and cultural organisations, companies and individual practitioners, museums, galleries and libraries to bring young people in Moray a varied programme of high quality creative and cultural learning experiences.

The team’s approach to supporting cultural education and cultural opportunities has included:

  • Planning, fundraising and directly managing cultural projects
  • Sourcing and disseminating externally provided cultural opportunities and news updates to schools
  • Providing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for teaching professionals
  • Supporting schools in the practical application of cross-curricular and creative learning skills
  • Practical support for the transfer to Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) in schools
  • Providing advice and practical help to schools developing their own cultural projects
  • Helping to build and strengthen links between schools in Moray and local, regional and national arts and cultural organisations
  • Working with other Council teams and initiatives to ensure a coherent approach to service provision.

MCLN Blog Information

Additional information can be found via the Moray Creative Learning Network Blog-site, pages include:-

  • Artist Database; 
  • Artist Mentoring Programme; 
  • National Links (including the Creativity Portal and the link to the CLN show reel); 
  • MCLN Projects.

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