Criteria for Adopting in Moray

  • Age: Prospective adopters must be over 23. The Moray Council does not set an upper age limit for adoptive parents but would seek to balance your age with the need to provide a lifelong home to a child.
  • Couples: You can apply if you are a married couple, civil partners, an unmarried couple, or a lesbian or gay couple. It is important that you are in an enduring relationship and we require that you have lived together for at least 3 years.
  • Applications are also welcomed from single people.
  • Fertility treatment: This is often a stressful time for couples so we require that this be completed and that a period of at least a year has passed prior to any application to adopt.
  • Health: Before taking forward your application we will take into consideration any physical or mental health issues that may impact on your ability to care for a child and support them into adulthood.
  • Smoking: The Moray Council does not place children under 2 with adopters who smoke. Some other authorities do not place older children e.g. up to 5, with smokers, and many of the children placed in Moray do come from other local authorities.
  • Applicants with children: We are open to applications from parents who already have children. We would normally place a child with you who was at least 2 years younger than your youngest child.
  • Income: There is no minimum income required to adopt, however there is an expectation that adopters can make material provision for a child into adulthood. Being a homeowner is not a requirement.
  • Experience with children: Whilst this is not considered to be an essential requirement, it is helpful. More importantly adopters need to understand that for many children there will be a level of developmental uncertainty due to early experiences. For some children the effect of these experiences may be lifelong.
  • Recruitment of adopters is based on the needs of children. It is the needs and characteristics e.g. age will guide our decisions about who to assess as adoptive parents.

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