Once you have been approved your details will be considered in relation to those children whose needs you may be able to meet. We will give you more information about this process nearer the time. 

When a possible match between a child/children and your family is found, your worker will discuss the details with you. If all involved agree we should look further at this on exchange of information taking place. You will receive all relevant information about he child/children and will meet their Social Worker. 

If all parties believe the match to be positive this recommendation will be put to the Matching Panel. Again, the Panel considers this and makes a recommendation to the Agency Decision Maker who makes the final decision. 

If the agreement is to go forward then plans for introducing you and the child/children to each other can be made. Throughout the process of introduction you will receive support from your adoption worker. A date will be agreed for the child/children to move into your home. Depending on the legal situation the application to adopt the child/children can be heard a minimum of 13weeks after placement.

A growing number of children who are placed for adoption maintain some form of contact with their birth family. Usually this takes the form of an annual letter exchange between the adoptive family and the birth family. Photographs are sometimes included. In order to protect privacy this letter exchange is co-ordinated through the social work department. In exceptional circumstances, where it is felt to be in the child’s after adoption may be considered.

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