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Moray Independent Living Centre (ILC) is based within the Moray Resource Centre, Maisondieu Road in Elgin.  It is part of the Moray Council Occupational Therapy service and is staffed by an Occupational Therapist (OT), Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) and an Information Officer.

We provide a free impartial service offering information, assessment and advice on any aspect relating to disability or difficulties associated with getting older – whether that is difficulty with getting in and out of your bath, in and out of bed, on and off the toilet, struggling with your stairs or lifting the pans and kettle in the kitchen, we have solutions to help.

We actively promote self-assessment and believe that the individual should have the opportunity to resolve their own difficulties through support and information provision.  Our aim is to help you find ways to maintain/regain your independence, no matter how minor it may seem.

We also offer practical advice and information to carers and professionals on all aspects of disability and independent living.

At the ILC, we have a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen area where assessments can be carried out by the OT or OTA.  It gives you the opportunity to try out everything for yourselves, giving you more involvement in deciding what will work best in your particular situation. We also have Rise & Recliner chairs, washer dryer toilets, four wheel walkers, moving and handling equipment and a stair lift.

In order for us to prescribe OT equipment you must meet the Community Care criteria.

We can also provide you with information and resources if you wish to self-purchase.


We have a selection of factsheets available to offer guidance should you choose to buy independent living equipment privately.  Titles include:

  • Buying an Armchair or Rise & Recliner Chair
  • Buying a commode
  • Buying an electric bed
  • Buying bathing equipment
  • Wetrooms and level access showers
  • Buying a walker
  • Guide to using an attendant propelled wheelchair
  • General safety advice for purchasing from advertisement or the internet.
  • We have an extensive display of leaflets covering a wide range of conditions including MS, Chest, Heart & Stroke, Arthritis etc. Information on any condition can be requested.

Bathing Clinics

If you are having difficulty with any aspect of bathing you can contact the Access Care Team to be referred  to this clinic on 01343 563999.  If this service is deemed appropriate for you, we will then send you an appointment letter along with an information pack which will include a checklist and directions to our centre.

Bathing Clinics are held on Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons.

Other Appointments

If you have more complex needs other appointments are available.  Please contact us on 01343 559461 for further information.  Please be aware we may need to refer you to the Access Care Team on 01343 563999 if your needs would be better suited to a Community OT home visit.

Drop In Service

We have a Drop In Service for the public on Monday afternoons only between 1 – 4pm.  Please be aware you may have to wait to be seen.

Aids to Independent Living Films

The ILC have produced a series of short films entitled ‘Pathways to Independence’ which demonstrate simple solutions to difficulties you may be experiencing with every day activities. These include:

  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Getting on and off the toilet
  • Getting in and out of the bath or shower
  • Getting out of a chair
  • Eating and drinking
  • In the kitchen
  • Dressing yourself
  • Mobility at home
  • Access to home

DVDs of the films are available on request from the ILC or can be viewed online by following the link or by searching ‘Moray Disabled Living Centre’ on YouTube. 


Do I need to be referred?

Please contact the Access Care Team on 01343 563999 or email  

Where is the Independent Living Centre (ILC)? What hours is it open?

The ILC is based within the Moray Resource Centre, Maisondieu Road, Elgin IV30 1RX. Click here for directions.

The ILC is open to the public:

Monday to Thursday from 9:30am until 4:30

Friday 9:30am until 12:30

The Moray Resource Centre is open to the public from 9am until 4:30 Monday to Friday


What is the difference between an ILC OT Assessment and a Community OT Assessment?

The ILC OT assessment is carried out here at the ILC in Elgin, where we offer supported self-assessment to everyone. There is no eligibility criteria to access the service. We will talk to you about your difficulties to assess what may be required, and then give you the opportunity to view and try equipment within the centre. This gives you more involvement in deciding what will work best in your particular situation. However, in order for us to prescribe OT equipment you must meet the Community Care criteria.  

A Community OT will visit you in your own home and will carry out a similar assessment to the ILC, but will be able to consider more complex needs such as adaptations to your property, rehabilitation and re-ablement. They may suggest equipment which could be beneficial to you and will order this to be delivered and fitted by our Joint Equipment Store. Again you must meet the Community Care criteria in order for OT equipment to be prescribed.  Please call the Access Care Team on 01343 563999 to be referred to this service, Occupational Therapists

If you are unsure which service is best for you please contact the Access Care Team on 01343 563999 by email to:


What will happen during my appointment at the ILC?

We will chat to you in an informal environment about the difficulties you are having and will give you accurate information or demonstrate equipment that we feel may meet your needs. This gives you the opportunity to view or try equipment and make an informed decision as to its suitability for you.


Can I purchase equipment at the Independent Living Centre?

We do not sell equipment, but where you are assessed as eligible for equipment through the OT service; this may be prescribed and delivered to your home by the Joint Equipment Store.  Where this is not the case you will be given information on where you can purchase equipment privately, from local suppliers where possible, websites or a catalogue.

As we do not sell equipment, and are not linked to any companies, we are able to provide impartial advice and information.

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Independent Living Centre
Moray Resource Centre
Maisondieu Road
IV30 1RX

01343 559461

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