Computer and Online Basics at Moray Libraries Learning Centres

What is Computer and Online Basics?

Computer and Online Basics is a fun, informal and uncomplicated introduction to computers and the Internet. It shows the use and role of technology in our everyday lives. The programme was developed by ICS-Skills, the organisation responsible for the licensing of The European Computer Driving License (ECDL) in Ireland.

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How does the programme work?

The programme consists of a number of different components;

Paper based workbook - Your Facilitator will help you work through this with the help of one to one or classroom based training. The workbook consists of exercises and learning information worked through at your own pace.

  • On-line exercises - As part of the continuous assessment and in conjunction with the exercises in the workbook you will be required to carry out some on-line web based exercises. These again can be taken at your own pace.
  • Computer based training - a multi-media computer based training programme is also available.  It is fully interactive and gives you the opportunity to practise and learn at your own pace.

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Do I need any previous computer experience?

No, this course is suitable for complete beginners, no previous experience is necessary.

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Do I have to sit an exam or do a test, to earn my certificate?

No, there is no exam as this is a continuous assessment programme. On successful completion of all the exercises your  Facilitator will sign off your workbook and you will be awarded your  certificate.

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Is there a time limit for me to complete the programme?

This course can be taken at your own pace. However, there is a one year limit to complete the programme.

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Do I need a computer at home to complete the programme?

No, it is not necessary, you complete the programme one of Moray Libraries Learning Centres, that has all the equipment you need.

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£110, includes 12 hours of tuition (class), workbook, registration with the BCS and certificate.

Attention If you have an income of £22,000 per year or less you may be eligible for up to £200 towards the cost of this course.
Find out more here.

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For further information contact:
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Tel: 01343 562603

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