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FOI Request - Armed Forces Recruitment and Promotional Activities

Request 101002180067

1. Does the council allow promotional and recruitment activities by the armed forces in public spaces/events?
2. If yes to 1., does the council allow weapons and military vehicles to be part of these activities?
3. If yes to 1., what is the procedure for the armed forces to undertake these activities?
4. What is the council's policy on children (under 18 years old) handling military weapons in public spaces/events?
5. What policies inform the council's position on this, in relation to event licensing, safeguarding, the Armed Forces Covenant etc.

Response 29-05-2019

1. Yes, on the basis that it is not unlawful and there is nothing to prohibit it.

In most cases permission is not required from the council, however in public parks and the Plainstones in Elgin the council require anyone wishing to use the space to get specific permission. There is no particular specification / requirements in these terms, standard conditions can be viewed on our website here

In terms of private land such as the St Giles shopping centre, permission is only required from the land owner. The MoD also holds its own events, for example the annual family and friends day at RAF Lossiemouth.

2. 3. and 4. With regards to procedures, military weapons and vehicles; each event will be judged on its own merits. The council has a large events group with various services and partners (like the emergency services) represented that studies particular events and reviews event plans. This Community Planning Partnership can therefore provide event organisers with a safety advisory group where necessary. Further information on Community Planning is available on their website here

5. In accordance with section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 please be advised that a specific council policy is not held. The armed forces undertaking recruitment/promotional exercises does not require a licence, but must not cause an obstruction or nuisance. Please see above information regarding the Moray Community Planning Partnership. Armed Forces Covenant information is available here

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