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FOI Request - Textile Recycling Policy

Request 101002171071

1 - Please supply a list of your recycling sites which are currently in operation.

2 - who is your textile contractor?

3 - What is the expiry date of contract between the council and it’s textile recycling partner?

5 - What is the fee charged by the council under the tender contract between itself and it’s textile recycling partner?

6 - which recycling companies bidded for the last tender?

7 - Please supply a list of the final destination of recovered waste material that is collected under the contract?

8 - What is the tonnes of duvets which have been collected under the contract?

9 - where are duvets exported after they have been recovered?

Response 27-05-2019

1 -  We have 4 manned household waste recycling centres and 4 unmanned sites, plus textile banks at a further 17 council operated recycling points.  We do not have control of textile points at any of the major supermarkets or fire stations within Moray.

2 - Nathans Wastesavers

3 -  We currently have a service level agreement with Nathans which will be reviewed in the summer.

5 -  This is currently £110 per tonne.

6 -  Nathans bought over the previous textile company who we had an agreement with.  Our previous tender had 2 bidders.

7 -  Varies, including Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

8 -  Duvets are not collected under the agreement.

9 -  N/A

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