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FOI Request - Electric Vehicles

Request 101002165042

1. Does your local authority have a current procurement plan for electric or other low emission vehicles with a view to replace its current fleet of vehicles with low emission alternatives?
2. Does your local authority have a current plan in place to build increase electric vehicle charging points within the local authority area?

Response 17-05-2019

1. We currently operate 5 fully electric vehicles and two range extended electric vehicles on an evaluation basis. These vehicles are pool cars and vans so all council drivers are able to book and evaluate them. We also have 5 full electric vans on order. Going forward our plan is to replace as many vehicles each year as charging infrastructure will allow leading up to a completely electric fleet by 2032.

2. We already have a number of EV charging points that have been installed by the council, and there are further charging points that have been introduced by community bodies and businesses. The network of EV charging points in Moray can be seen at the following link. The council will introduce further charging points as and when funding is available.

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