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FOI Request - Discretionary Childcare Funding

Request 101002164162

Please could you provide the following information:

1) The total number of requests received to date for the Council to provide discretionary funding for a further year of early learning and childcare for children whose fifth birthdays will fall between the day after the school start date in August 2019 and 31st Dec 2019.

2) A breakdown of the total number in 1. above by requests for
a) continued funding in a private/voluntary setting and
b) continued funding in a council run setting.

3) In relation to question 2, please provide the number of places the Council has agreed to provide continued funding for in a) private/voluntary settings and b) council run settings.

4) For each year from 2013-2014 till 2018-2019 inclusive, please provide the total number of places at council-run settings which parents were permitted to self-finance.

Response 27-05-2019

1) Not applicable. All deferred entry requests are funded by the local authority. There is no process for requesting discretionary funding. Decisions on deferred entry are made by the parents, nursery and school the child will be attending.

2) Not applicable.

3) Not applicable.

4) Not applicable – all deferred entries are funded.

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