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FOI Request - Food Hygiene Inspections

Request 101002163519

I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information on food hygiene and health inspections.

Please can you provide the following data for each of the past three years for your local authority area:
1.       How often your local authority inspects premises using hygiene inspectors.
2.       How do your local authority inspection targets compare to national targets.
3.       How many premises are overdue a visit from the health inspector.
4.       How long overdue each inspection is.

Please provide all information held relating to the above request, including but not exclusively all information held in the following formats: email, internal messaging, hardcopy, letter, file, report, graphic and publication.

Please provide the information electronically in the form of word, excel, PDF or image, and if that is not possible please send me paper copies (printed, photocopied or otherwise) at the address supplied.

Response 29-05-2019

1.We visit premises according to the inspection frequencies indicated in the Food Law Code Of Practice 2015.

2.The Food Law Code of Practice is national guidance.

3. & 4. Our records indicate the following are still overdue as of today's date:

2016 - 1 Premises  1149 days overdue
2017 - 6 Premises  517-797 days overdue
2018 - 19 Premises  150-476 days overdue.

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