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FOI Request - Violence At Work

Request 101002161100

Note: For the purposes of this FoI please use the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) definition of work-related violence (violent incidents): "Any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work"

Part 1 - Your violence at work polices
1. Do you have a policy/policies in place to protect employees from violence at work? (Yes/No)

2. Are these policies built into the commissioning process for organisations delivering outsourced services? (Yes/No)

Part 2 - Violent incidents and monitoring
3. Do you collect data on violent incidents? (Yes/No)           

4. If so, how many violent incidents did you record in the following years:


Part 3 – Staff training and support
5. Are risk assessments conducted for:
• Public facing staff (Yes/No)
• Lone working staff (Yes/No)

6. Do staff receive training to ensure they are aware of the appropriate way to deal with threatening situations? (Yes/No)

7. Is advice, support, or counselling available for staff who are victims of violence at work?
• Advice (Yes/No)
• Support (Yes/No)
• Counselling (Yes/No)

Response 24-05-2019

1. Yes

2. Yes

3. Yes


2018/19                860
2017/18                892
2016/17                1106
2015/16                1201

5.a) Yes

b) Yes

6. Yes

7. a) Yes

b) Yes

c) Yes

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