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October 2019 FOI Requests

Date Request Department
01-10-2019 Sanitary Products Issued to Pupils Education and Social Care
  Dangerous Wild Animals Licence Corporate Services
02-10-2019 Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Corporate Services
  Road Grit Environmental Services
  Data Breaches Education and Social Care
  Council Mobile, Landline and Internet Usage Corporate Services
03-10-2019 Grass Cutting Petition Submission Environmental Services
04-10-2019 Republican, Loyalist and Pro/Anti Independence Marches in Moray Corporate Services
  Empty Homes and Homelessness in Moray Environmental Services
  Environmental Services and Council Contacts Environmental Services
  Moray Council Voluntary Redundancies Corporate Services
07-10-2019 Review of Informal Residence/Special Guardian/Kinship Care Agreements Education and Social Care
  Short Term Let Applications Environmental Services
  Home Care and Housing Support Education and Social Care
08-10-2019 Drugs in Schools Education and Social Care
  Employee Drugs Corporate Services
  Staff Parking Costs, Policies and Procedures Environmental Services
  Anti-Bullying in Schools Education and Social Care
  Current HMO License Numbers Corporate Services
  Statistics on Electric Vehicle Charger Use Environmental Services
09-10-2019 Intimate Care and Toileting in Primary Schools Education and Social Care
  Celebrities Turning on Christmas Lights Chief Executive's Office
  Current Potholes Environmental Services
  Refused Applications for Food Establishments Environmental Services
  Landlords Environmental Services
10-10-2019 Incidents in Council-Funded Supported Living Services Multiple Services
11-10-2019 Gender Issues Multiple Services
  Brexit Funding Environmental Services
  Parking Environmental Services
  Teacher Census Education and Social Care
  Hoarding Multiple Services
14-10-2019 SSSC Registration Education and Social Care
  Payment of Care Charges - Self Directed Support Service Education and Social Care
  Street Lighting - LED Bulbs Environmental Services
  Children Subject to Compulsory Supervisory Orders Education and Social Care
15-10-2019 School Technicians Education and Social Care
  Public Health Act Funerals Environmental Services
  Council Civic Leader Expenses Claims for Current Year (2019) Corporate Services
16-10-2019 Learning Disabilities Education and Social Care
  Systems and Costs Corporate Services
  Refuse Collection and Enforcement Environmental Services
  Garages Environmental Services
  Substance Misuse in Schools Education and Social Care
  Banned Websites and Words Corporate Services
  Traffic Signal Controls Costing Environmental Services
  Vacant Properties Corporate Services
  Council Owned Tenants Halls Environmental Services
17-10-2019 Mechanical Sweepers Environmental Services
  Deaths of Individuals with Guardian Handling Financial Affairs Environmental Services
  Independent Providers of Care Average Rates of Pay Education and Social Care
18-10-2019 Library Budgets Education and Social Care
  Structure Charts for Children’s and Adults Services Multiple Services
  Wheelchair Accessible Taxis Corporate Services
  Electric Vehicles Environmental Services
21-10-2019 Wellbeing Consultation Education and Social Care
22-10-2019 Plastic Waste Environmental Services
  Animal Health and Welfare Environmental Services
  Swimming Lessons Education and Social Care
  Taxi and Private Hire Operators Corporate Services
  Tents Environmental Services
  Mental Health Sickness Days Corporate Services
  Drug Deaths Multiple Services
  Dial-a-Bus Environmental Services
  Defecation and Urination in Swimming Pools Education and Social Care
23-10-2019 Telephony/Communications Corporate Services
  14-19 Year Olds Education and Social Care
  Freedom of Information Requests Education and Social Care
  LAC Siblings Education and Social Care
  Homeless Applicants Environmental Services
  Stray Dogs Environmental Services
  Repair Multiple Services
  School Counsellors Education and Social Care
24-10-2019 Violent Attacks Education and Social Care
  Housing Decisions and Medical Advice Multiple Services
  Looked After Children and International Kinship Placements Education and Social Care
  Discarded Chewing Gum Environmental Services
25-10-2019 Trees Multiple Services
  Selkie Kirkcaldy Environmental Services
  Nursery Staff Contracts Education and Social Care
  Contaminated Land Register Environmental Services
  Street Lighting Contracts 2 Multiple Services
28-10-2019 Thefts at Schools Education and Social Care
  Council Vehicle Road Traffic Incidents Environmental Services
  Education Services Education and Social Care
  Types and Emission Class of Vehicle Environmental Services
  Lossiemouth High School Extension Environmental Services
  Teaching Posts Re-advertised Education and Social Care
29-10-2019 Care Packages Education and Social Care
  Duty to Accommodate Environmental Services
30-10-2019 Formal Kinship Care Agreements Education and Social Care
  Fly Tipped Substances Environmental Services
  Product Description Complaints Environmental Services
31-10-2019 Physical Education Teachers Education and Social Care
  Disabled Employees Corporate Services
  Food Samples Environmental Services
  Small Wind Turbines Corporate Services

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