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January 2019 FOI Requests

Date Request Department
03-01-2019 Private Investigators/Detectives Multiple
  Relocation of Homeless People Multiple
  Web Filtering Corporate Services
  Glyphosate Based Weedkillers Environmental Services
  Bulky Uplifts Environmental Services
  Chambers Of Commerce Correspondence Multiple
04-01-2019 Review of MAPPA Significant Case Review Education and Social Care
07-01-2019 Waste and Recycling Environmental Services
  Council Tax and Business Rates Corporate Services
  Consultants Multiple
  Film Licences Corporate Services
08-01-2019 Disclosure Checks and Attacks in Schools Education and Social Care
  Communications Chief Executive's Office
  Attacks on Teachers Education and Social Care
  Adult Carer Support Plan or Young Carers Statement Education and Social Care
  Taxi Licence Information Multiple
  Teachers and Voluntary Severance Corporate Services
  Looked After Children and Foster Carers Education and Social Care
  Council Tax Reduction Scheme (Low Income Household Exemption) Corporate Services
  Baudoinia Compniacensis Environmental Services
  Foster Care Education and Social Care
09-01-2019 Council Tax Arrears Corporate Services
  Substitute Teachers Education and Social Care
  Condition of Highway Bridges Environmental Services
  Gypsy and Traveller Pitches Environmental Services
  Electric Cars Environmental Services
10-01-2019 Buckie Disposable Income Corporate Services
  Sexual Misconduct or Harassment Corporate Services
  Flights Corporate Services
  Pupil Absence Education and Social Care
  Parking Permits Corporate Services
11-01-2019 Advertised Vacancies Corporate Services
  Swimming Pool Inspections Education and Social Care
  Children in Care Education and Social Care
  The New School Butterstone Education and Social Care
  ANPR Cameras Environmental Services
14-01-2019 Council Expenditure or Payment to Suppliers Corporate Services
  EU Settlement Scheme Corporate Services
  Fitness for Work Corporate Services
  Listed Buildings Environmental Services
  National Assistance Act Funerals Multiple Services
  Deaths Under Council Guardianship Education and Social Care
  Fines for Dog Fouling Environmental Services
  Councillors' Council Tax Arrears Corporate Services
  Pothole Compensation Corporate Services
  Review of Looked After Children 4 Education and Social Care
  'No Deal' Spending Multiple Services
  Littering and Dog Fouling Fixed Penalty Notices Multiple Services
15-01-2019 Fire Safety Checks Environmental Services
  Council Tax Accounts in Credit Corporate Services
  Social Care Multiple Services
  Adoption of IHRA Working Definition Chief Executive's Office
  Empty Properties Environmental Services
  Looked After Children in Children's Homes Education and Social Care
  Potholes 2016 to 2019 Environmental Services
  Tattoo and Piercing Studios Corporate Services
16-01-2019 Dealing with Waste Environmental Services
  Social Prescription Education and Social Care
  Salaries Over £80,000 Multiple Services
  Cuts to Services for Elderly People Multiple Services
  Teaching Cover for Sickness Absences Education and Social Care
  Care Home Rules and Procedures Education and Social Care
  School Roll Forecasts Education and Social Care
17-01-2019 Elgin High School Maintenance Contract Environmental Services
  Pupil Equity Funding Education and Social Care
  Food/Garden Waste Environmental Services
  Compensation Claims Corporate Services
  Nitrates/Nitrites in Meat Environmental Services
  Funded Childcare Application Forms Education and Social Care
  Attendance and Flexible Working Software Systems Corporate Services
18-01-2019 Funded Childcare Admission Policy Education and Social Care
  Adults with Learning Disabilities and Out of Area Placements Education and Social Care
  Plastic Waste Environmental Services
  Young Carers Education and Social Care
  Gritting of Lhanbryde to Elgin Cycleway Environmental Services
21-01-2019 First Aid Training Corporate Services
  Subject Access Requests Education and Social Care
  School Libraries Education and Social Care
  Business Rates Corporate Services
  Deaths in Social Housing Environmental Services
  Free Public Wifi Environmental Services
  School Commencement Date Education and Social Care
  Affordable Houses in Hopeman Environmental Services
22-01-2019 Adult Services Contact Details Education and Social Care
  Domestic Households Declared Empty for Council Tax Corporate Services
  CPN/ASBOs Environmental Services
  Statutory Notices Environmental Services
  Contribution to School Lunches Environmental Services
  Swimming Lessons Education and Social Care
  Road Repairs Environmental Services
  Transport Modelling Environmental Services
23-01-2018 Electric Vehicle Charging Points Environmental Services
  Adult Learning Strategy Education and Social Care
  Armed Forces Families Education and Social Care
  School Bus Services Environmental Services
24-01-2019 Articles Received from NHS Grampian Multiple Services
  Copyright Multiple Services
  Gollachy Environmental Services
  Cloud Computing Corporate Services
  Spend on Food and Sustenance Corporate Services
  Budget Communication with Scottish Government Chief Executive's Office
  Universal Credit Environmental Services
  European Union Funding Multiple Services
  Pothole Cost and Timescale Environmental Services
25-01-2019 Exempt Accommodation Rent Information Corporate Services
  Software Systems Corporate Services
  Moray Leisure Centre Education and Social Care
  Non-Domestic Rates Corporate Services
  Missed Bin Collections Environmental Services
  P7 SNSA Data Education and Social Care
  Council Tax from New Builds Multiple Services
  Flytipping Environmental Services
28-01-2019 Garden Waste Collection Environmental Services
  Looked After Children Documentation and Funding Education and Social Care
  Burials and Cremations Environmental Services
29-01-2019 Christmas Spend 2018-9 Multiple Services
  Proposed Closure of Gollachy Environmental Services
  Head Teachers Suspended Education and Social Care
  Children Removed from Parents' Care Education and Social Care
  Algorithms or Machine-Learning Systems Corporate Services
  Staff and Additional Support Needs Pupil Numbers Multiple Services
  Safeguarding and Accommodation Costs Education and Social Care
  Drug Dealing at Schools Education and Social Care
30-01-2019 Council Procurement Spent Locally Corporate Services
  Elderly Social Care Education and Social Care
  Homeless Deaths Since 1 Nov 2018 Environmental Services
  Planning Applications Environmental Services
  Rapid Rehousing Environmental Services
  Staff Employed Corporate Services
  School Refusers and Attendance Education and Social Care
  Noise Complaint Warnings/ Fines Environmental Services
  Statutory Noise Notices Environmental Services
31-01-2019 Wifi Corporate Services
  Zoos Environmental Services
  Emergency Accommodation in Domestic Violence Cases Environmental Services
  Interest Paid on Borrowing Corporate Services
  Legal Services Corporate Services
  Current Construction Projects Multiple Services
  Anti Smoking Campaigns Multiple Services
  Council Homes Environmental Services
  Software and Applications Corporate Services

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