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FOI Request - Part B Activities

Request 101001991030

Can you please provide details of any information you hold on the following, within the area covered by your council?

1. Any Part B activities that you regulate with regards to Environmental Permitting Regulations, with details of enforcements.
a. Containing the following where applicable:
                                                              i.      Site Name/Company Name
                                                            ii.      Process Type
                                                          iii.      Address (No, Street Name, Town, County, Postcode)
                                                          iv.      Easting and Northing (if no shapefile is available)

Where possible could the information be provided in the following formats in order of preference?

1.       ESRI Shape File
2.       GML
3.       KML
4.       Excel/csv

Response 14-12-2018

This legislation is not enforced by Moray Council and so, in accordance with section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 please be advised that this information is not held. You may wish to redirect your request to SEPA

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