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FOI Request - SOX Streetlighting

Request 101001980989

1. What is your best estimate of the percentage of all streetlights that are SOX, in the area for which the Council is responsible?
2. What is your best estimate of the number of SOX streetlights in the area the Council is responsible for?
3. Are you continuing to maintain your existing SOX streetlights, i.e. by replacing with new SOX tubes/components etc. rather than replacing with LED/SON etc.?
4. Are you planning any new installations of SOX streetlights in the foreseeable future?

Response 03-12-2018

1. 7.35%

2. 1336

3. We are currently progressing an LED replacement program where we are replacing our SOX & SON lanterns with new LED ones. In the meantime until we get through them all we are maintaining our existing SOX lanterns as best we can. If unable to repair we are temporarily replacing these lanterns with second hand ones which have been removed through the LED project.

4. No

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