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FOI Request - Access to Housing for Disabled People

Request 101001977011

1. How many people who've stated they have a disability and/or define themselves as disabled are currently on your authorities' waiting list for social housing or council housing? (By social or council housing, I refer to properties owned and managed by you as the local authority, whereby the recipient comes to you to be housed).

2. How many people in total, those with and without a disability, are currently on your waiting list for social or council housing?

3. How many social or council properties do you own and manage in total?

4. How many of the aforementioned properties have full wheelchair access?

5. How many of the aforementioned properties have been adapted in order to meet the needs of a disabled tenant, past or present?

Response 30-11-2018

Please be advised that the Scottish Housing Regulator gives full downloadable figures in an excel format on their website here (information that is submitted as at 31/03/2018 to the Scottish Government).  There is also an option to compare us to other landlords throughout Scotland.

For reference:
Indicator 2 relates to the disabilities of the applicants on the housing list (Question 1 & 2) Indicator C18 gives the total stock and whether or not the properties are wheelchair accessible or ambulant disabled (adapted properties) (Question 3 & 4 & 5)

As some of the information may have changed since March, please find new figures attached here.

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